The Caledonian Club
Halkin Street, Belgravia 9 SW1X 7DR London (Greater London) View map

Information about The Caledonian Club

  • What is the cost for the room hire?

    From £4.000

  • How many guests do you take in?

    From 20 to 150

  • Which facilities do you provide?

    Banquet halls, terraces, kitchen for catering, dance floor

  • What services do you offer?

    Banquet, ceremony

  • Location:

    In the city

  • Do you provide accommodation for guests?

    Yes, the club has 39 bedrooms available for guests. The bride and groom will have a complimentary bridal suite on the wedding night

  • Do you celebrate more than one event per day?


  • What is included in the menu?

    3 coure menu with coffee

  • Is it possible to only rent the venue, without the catering service?


  • Do you have your own caterer/kitchen?


  • What kind of cuisine do you offer?

    Traditional, Regional

  • Is it possible to adapt/modify the menu?


  • Do you offer special menus?

    Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, diabetis

  • Do you also offer a wedding cake?


  • Can I bring my own wedding cake? Is there a surcharge?

    There is no surcharge to provide your own cake

  • How does the open bar work?

    Pay per drink

  • Is there a time limit for celebrations?

    Yes, 00:00

  • Private photographer?


  • Do you provide your own music?


  • Private catering?


  • Is there a fixed payment for the location?


  • What is the charge for not reaching the minimum?

    Subject to enquiry

  • What are the forms of payment?

    Cheque, credit card or bank transfer

  • Do you provide disabled access?