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    From £1,50

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    Up to 1 week but dependant on item

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Description of Charmed by Michelle

Charmed by Michelle offers her clients in Elgin the finest of options to make their wedding days special and memorable. Only the most beautiful and elegant charms and gifts are supplied by her. There is nothing more touching than receiving a personalised gift on a momentous occasion, and Michelle is sure to offer all of that and more in her wide selection of lovely and unique adornments.

Services offered

An attractive addition to a couple's unique assortment of wedding favours, glass charms are among the items the business supplies. Themes and colours may be matched to the occasion. Michelle also provides bouquet charms which add an ornate touch to any floral arrangement.

The fairy doors and glitter glasses offered at Charmed by Michelle nicely complement the beautiful products available for purchase. Children will enjoy the magical essence these accents imparts on a setting, and adults will enjoy the glamour of a sparkling glass among the dinnerware on the table.

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More information about Charmed by Michelle

  • What kind of items do you offer? other (glass charms, bouquet charms, children's favours- fairy doors and glitter glasses)
  • Is there a limited catalogue or can you make tailored wedding favours? Tailored favours
  • Operating hours: Always open
  • What are the forms of payment? Paypal, cheque and cash
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