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Information about Table Plans for Weddings

  • Price

    From £125 to £200

  • Lead time

    2/3 weeks depending on design

  • Delivery time

    We send everything out next day delivery Royal Mail Special Delivery

  • National delivery


Description of Table Plans for Weddings

A difficult part of planning a wedding is deciding where to seat all of your guests so they have just as good of a time as you. Once you have put all your guests at their tables, why not have a great display so it is easy for them to figure out on your special day? Table Plans for Weddings does exactly that. From seasonal, music or movies to creating your own design, you can have any theme you imagine.

Services offered

Although they focus on table plans, this vendor also offers invitations, place and table names, favours, menus and more. They can help with any of your wedding stationery needs and coordinate them all. Do not hesitate to ask for something not mentioned.

How they work

Offering various sizes, styles and designs, Table Plans for Weddings makes it easy to order your perfect table plan. First pick a size and finish such as poster or laminate and mounting. Then pick from designs like Art Deco New York, Christmas, Golf and more. Send in your information and then you are all set. UK delivery is free.

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More information about Table Plans for Weddings

  • Does the invitation cost also cover the printing? Yes
  • Is there a limited selection of invitation styles or can they be customised? Tailored designs
  • Is there a required minimum order? No
  • What is the charge for not reaching the minimum number of orders? N/A
  • What is the charge for national mailing? Free delivery on all orders
  • What other services to you provide? Printing, sale of other accessories for the wedding, thank you cards, customised designs, other (we can provide wedding Favours, Table plans, Invitations, Menus, Table Names, Thank you cards... you name it. With a creative background, and local suppliers, we can supply anything printed necessary)
  • What kind of printing to you offer? Offset, digital
  • Operating hours: N/A
  • What are the forms of payment? We accept cheque, PayPal or online transfer
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