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Planning your wedding is a truly special time. We want to help you enjoy this one-of-a-kind, unforgettable moment with the best tips and ideas at your fingertips to make wedding planning as enjoyable as possible. Find all the inspiration you'll need in our wedding articles.

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The Bride

100 fabulous fishtail wedding dresses

If you dream of walking down the aisle in a glamorous fishtail wedding dress, then you'll enjoy this collection of stunning fishtail bridal gowns. Save your favourite ones and go find your perfect dress.

Planning your wedding

10 wedding theme ideas that will wow your guests

Couples are always finding new and creative ways to personalise their wedding. There are endless possibilities when talking about themed weddings. So we've put together our top 10 that will make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind.

Beauty for brides

20 short bridal hairstyle ideas to die for

Are you getting married with short hair? At first it can feel like there are fewer styles for short hair, but as you'll see here, there are endless options. Here you'll find the perfect short bridal hairstyle for your big day.

The Bride

Vera Wang wedding dresses: 2018 bridal collection

If you love Vera Wang's characteristic designs that blend traditional elegance with the cutting-edge designs, you're going to love her new bridal collection for 2018. Check out her new collection of daring, charming and feminine bridal gowns.

Wedding favours

20 original messages for your thank you cards

Your wedding would be impossible without the support of your friends and family who attend your wedding or send you nice gifts. You'll want to tell them how much you appreciate them. Here are 20 messages to help you send something extra special.

After the Wedding

Should you change your last name after getting married?

Getting hitched isn't just a symbolic event; it's also a binding legal agreement. For this reason there are some things in your life that you might want to update, such as changing your last name.

Planning your wedding

The many benefits of celebrating your whole wedding in the same venue

Traditionally all weddings were held at a church and then everyone moved to a new location where the wedding continued. However there are a multitude of benefits to celebrating the whole wedding in one venue.

Planning the honeymoon

How to get back from your honeymoon safe and sound

When you plan your honeymoon, you should also think about all the factors that will keep you safe and healthy so you can have a relaxed and exciting trip without any scares or bumps along the way.

Civil weddings

17 wedding readings for your civil ceremony

Your ceremony is the moment when your closest friends and family will have the opportunity to read texts you've chosen to represent your new union. It can be difficult to find those perfect texts, but we've got some great suggestions for you.

Beauty for brides

Bridal beauty countdown to be the most stunning bride

To be the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day it's good plan ahead and layout clear goals. If you're not sure where to begin, our guide will help you with your bridal beauty countdown.

Wedding traditions and superstitions

Why is it called a honeymoon?

Most couples go on their honeymoon never discovering what the name really means or why couples go on a honeymoon in the first place. We are sure you'll find the story rather interesting.

Planning your wedding

What your guests really think about your wedding

When couples plan their wedding obviously the day is all about them, but they also plan it with their guests in mind. Nonetheless there are always a few aspects of the wedding that guests often complain about and these are the solutions.

Wedding decoration

Top 7 wedding decoration ideas for this year

The way you decorate your wedding is a clear reflection of your style and the vibe you want to create for your big day. We've compiled 10 of our favourite decoration ideas for this year, so take note.

Wedding invitations

10 special messages for your wedding invitations

There is no easier way to put a smile on someone's face than sending a wedding invitation. This is especially true if you write a personal, unique message, but not everyone is a writer. So take note of these 10 special messages for your invitations.

The Bride

6 tips for a successful bridal dress fitting

Your dress fitting is one of the most special moments of planning your wedding. When you slip on the dress everything feels more real. With these tips you'll be able to take advantage of the fitting to make sure the dress is what you dreamed of.

Beauty for brides

Bridal hair trial - how to work with your hairdresser

To feel like the most beautiful bride on your wedding, it's important that your hair is just the way you imagined. Here we explain how you can work with your hairdresser to make the most of your bridal hair trial.