Wedding tips

Planning your wedding is a truly special time. We want to help you enjoy this one-of-a-kind, unforgettable moment with the best tips and ideas at your fingertips to make wedding planning as enjoyable as possible. Find all the inspiration you'll need in our wedding articles.

Planning your wedding

What your guests really think about your wedding

When couples plan their wedding obviously the day is all about them, but they also plan it with their guests in mind. Nonetheless there are always a few aspects of the wedding that guests often complain about and these are the solutions.

Wedding decoration

Top 7 wedding decoration ideas for this year

The way you decorate your wedding is a clear reflection of your style and the vibe you want to create for your big day. We've compiled 10 of our favourite decoration ideas for this year, so take note.

Wedding invitations

10 special messages for your wedding invitations

There is no easier way to put a smile on someone's face than sending a wedding invitation. This is especially true if you write a personal, unique message, but not everyone is a writer. So take note of these 10 special messages for your invitations.

The Bride

6 tips for a successful bridal dress fitting

Your dress fitting is one of the most special moments of planning your wedding. When you slip on the dress everything feels more real. With these tips you'll be able to take advantage of the fitting to make sure the dress is what you dreamed of.

Beauty for brides

Bridal hair trial - how to work with your hairdresser

To feel like the most beautiful bride on your wedding, it's important that your hair is just the way you imagined. Here we explain how you can work with your hairdresser to make the most of your bridal hair trial.

Planning your wedding

9 wedding stationery must-haves for your big day

Basics like stationery are a must have in mind when planning your wedding. To the smallest detail, here you have all the options to make a difference with a unique and personal wedding stationery.

Wedding photography

16 questions you need to ask your wedding photographer

Your wedding photos will immortalise all the memories of your big day. So it's important that you ask your photographer these important questions. This way you can ensure that the wedding photos are exactly what you imagined.

Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception

7 unique ideas to personalise your table centres

Your guests will spend a large portion of your wedding sitting at their tables in the banquet hall, so here are some great ideas to turn them into unique focal points in your wedding banquet.

Wedding decoration

How to decorate the church for your wedding

If you dream of a romantic wedding, a church is the perfect backdrop for if you want something both classic and unique. These 30 ideas will help you find the perfect way to decorate your religious wedding.

Wedding invitations

8 Wedding invitation styles that will wow your guests

When you begin your search for wedding invitations it can be difficult to find the perfect one among the endless styles and options available out there. Here we highlight 8 of our favourite wedding invitations styles.

Wedding formalities

Which work colleagues should you invite to your wedding?

When it comes to closing your wedding guest list, many couples are often not sure whether to invite co-workers or not. We're going to help make this decision easier for you with our tips.


How to get a tan for the wedding

With summer coming up, take advantage of the sun wherever you go on holiday to achieve bridal radiance. And if you won’t be finding much sun this summer, we’ve got alternative solutions for you.

The Groom

How to pick the right shirt for your wedding

Picking a shirt for your wedding may not be a priority now, but the time will come and you'll be happy you learned about these great shirt styles how to find the right fit. With the help of our tips you'll be the most stylish groom ever.

Wedding traditions and superstitions

4 important roles that will make your wedding day special

A successfully planned wedding is the fine result of good teamwork. Everyone has their role and the outcome of the wedding depends on more than just you. Here are the most important roles you should remember to make your wedding a success.

Planning your wedding

Wedding guest list: 7 questions to ask yourself first

Closing your guest list is one of the most stressful tasks involved in planning your wedding. By asking yourself the right questions deciding on whom to invite or not to invite can be a breeze.

The Groom

7 tie knots the groom has got to try

Men tend to be creatures of habit, but they will probably go through a little extra effort on the wedding day to look their best. These 7 tie knots might inspire him to try something new for the big day.