Shoot the Day Photography

Your photographer will have you covered with a lot of portrait pictures, but what about the funny ones, the spontaneous ones, or those of your friends and family? The WedShoots app can help you to collect all those lifetime memories. While doing it, you can organize different photo contest for your guests. We give you 10 ideas for them.

You can create as many photo contest as you want, and the prize can be a bottle of wine, cigars, some chocolates, or anything symbolic. You can decide to give those prizes in advance, during, or after your wedding day. Here are some ideas for the photo contest of your wedding.

1. Picture with more likes

Shoot the Day Photography

The classic contest that always works. The pictures with more likes are the creative ones, so it will allow you to keep some beautiful moments that were saw by your guests. Let the popularity contest begin!

2. Your wedding hashtag

Shoot the Day Photography

Get guest to use your wedding hashtag on social media. You can ask them to use your chosen hashtag, like #meganandpatrick2016, and give a prize to the one that use it the most, or to the guest that creates the most funny hashtag for your wedding.

3. The picture with more comments

Shoot the Day Photography

Ready for the funny photographs? This prize will be for the one that makes people talk the most about his/her picture. It will probably be a picture of the bride and groom together that stands out from the others.

4. Best Selfie

Shoot the Day Photography

Will it be a selfie with the bride, the groom or with the parents of the married couple? Maybe a selfie with the priest or a whole group?

5. Oscar awards

The Venue at the Royal Liver Building

And the nominees to the most romantic photography are…

You can choose as many categories as you want: to the funniest one, the most beautiful, or the most romantic one, craziest..

6. The best kids photo

Shoot the Day Photography

Kids are always special guests at weddings, and the star of the most sweet moments. You can give a prize to the most lovely picture, or the best picture taken by children.

7. The one that sneaks into more photographies

Shoot the Day Photography

This contest is to reward not only the best photographers, but the one that appears in more pictures. There is always a guest that appears into almost all the groups pictures, and the bride and groom are obviously out of the competition.

8. Musical moment

Shoot the Day Photography

Best picture of someone singing? Someone dancing? Let the music get involve in the photographies, this will be a contest to get some of the most happy pictures of the day.

9. Best group picture

Shoot the Day Photography

Who will appear in the best group picture? The groom’s family? The bridesmaids and bride?

10. Best photography of the bride

Shoot the Day Photography

The photographer will capture the perfect pose of the bride, but nothing like friends and family to get a natural picture of the bride. Don’t forget to add this category, as you will have some beautiful and natural images of the bride.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to download the app! You will only need access to Google Play or App Store, search for the application WedShoots and download it. That simple!