Even that the classic wedding cake will always be an option, in the last years many couples decide to go for modern designs, or with a traditional style but with a colourful twist. Large cakes with many layers or small fine pastries, the possibilities are endless. We bring you 8 trends that will suit those couples looking for something sophisticated, traditional, or modern.

Ruffed cakes

This elegant cake is a great option for those couples thinking about doing an adapted classic. Made of airy layers, this cake is almost a piece of conceptual art. Add a little bit of colour or flowers on top to make it different to the classic white wedding cake.

Painted cake

A painted cake is perfect for those couples that like to add some colour to their wedding day. If you are having a vintage wedding, or boho chic, this is the right one for you. Use bright colours to bring to life the flowers on your cake, and go for pastel tones for a fairy tale effect. .

Chalkboard cake

This original design is one of the trends of the season. The bridal designers came up with this romantic idea, perfect for couples that like the black and white colour combination. You can decorate it with flowers to add some extra colour, or choose a red velvet cake, that way it will look beautiful once cut!

Naked cake

Perfect for a rustic or a backyard wedding, a naked cake brings back the homemade cakes style. Show off all the layers of the cake, and add some of your favourite seasonal fruits. This cake is especially beautiful during autumn or winter.


This trend is the ideal for those couples that don’t want to have the classic wedding cake. If you are afraid that no one will have the dessert, then try some ‘wedding puddings’, everyone will fine place for something sweet. This appealing dessert always have a homemade appearance, made from fruits and fine ingredients. It will be a great proposal for all those that love the last course of the meal.


Cupcakes have been a pretty popular substitute of the wedding cake during the last seasons. You can offer a variety of colours and flavours to your guests. One advantage of the cupcakes, is that you offer them after the banquet, and until late night, so everyone can get an extra sweet with their prosecco at the end of the night.

Salty cakes

This season comes with an offer for those couples who don’t have a sweet tooth. Instead of the traditional cake, you can add a pinch of salt to your last course. Based on fine herbs or cheese, the salted option is here to stay.

Other sweets

This trend is for those couples that are not looking for anything usual. You can choose any other dessert or candies, like ice cream or doughnuts, or a whole dessert stand so everyone can choose whatever they fancy at the end of the meal!

Which one will be your ideal wedding cake?