Every couple about to marry knows that they should expect a long day full of emotions that will leave them happily exhausted. Immagine Photography and Ernst Merkhofer proposed a Day After, a quiet moment to make a photo shoot of the newlyweds. Sara and Simone’s Day After was actually an After Three Years, as the couple decided to make this session three years after their wedding. We will tell you their story today...

In Immagine Photography, their experience in photoshoot weddings had let them to notice, that both the groom and the bride have a tight schedule during their wedding day. In that context, it is difficult to find any extra time for them to walk quietly or pose on that beautiful landscape without feeling stressed or rushing off to their banquet time.

A Day After photo shoot offers a lot of opportunities for the married couple, like the possibility to change the set of their wedding pictures to another special landscape for both of them. But above all, it offers the possibility to really enjoy their wedding story. Sara and Simone were able to enjoy every second of their Day After photo shoot, being relaxed and showing their love through time.

Arezzo was the place where Sara and Simone joined their lives forever and Siena was the chosen place for this photo session, being made after three years of their wedding. The couple wanted to portray the passing time and how this didn’t change the love to each other that was promised years ago.

This session was made during a sunny day, taking advantage of the light during the day as well as the sunset landscape. The key of this photo shoot is the couple that were able to be spontaneous, enjoying together a romantic day, while this was immortalized in a lifetime pictures.

The gorgeous pictures of Immagine Photography and Ernst Merkhofer speak for themselves. A relaxed couple in their wedding outfit, looking confident and happy with their life together. The time stopped, and they were alone in the world.