If you are not into traditional hotel halls receptions, or you just want a wedding on a gorgeous natural landscape, a destination wedding will be ideal for you as is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their big day on an exotic location away from home.

Having a destination wedding allows you to have your ceremony in a breath taking paradise, anticipating the honeymoon and having an unforgettable celebration with your closer friends and family.

Nowadays many couples live away from their hometown, so if most of your family will have to travel to attend, a destination wedding will be excellent as everyone will travel and have holidays at the same time.

Why having a destination wedding?

Maybe you got engaged in Paris, or got family in Italy, or maybe you always wanted to go to a Caribbean island. The options for a destination wedding are unlimited, and there are many things to keep in mind to decide, do you want a formal or informal event? Big or intimate? Do you want to get married on the beach or do you prefer a vineyard? The location of your wedding will determine the atmosphere and the budget. Once you know where you would like to go and how you would like your ceremony to be, there are things you need to consider.

Planning a destination wedding

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First of all, you should start earlier than in other weddings, and decide the location 12 months before the ceremony. You will have to send a save-the-date announcement as soon as possible, ideally 9 months in advance as that will give your guests enough time to schedule time off work and organize their trip. Make sure that you reserve the date with the private venue or resort at least 6 months in advance. You can send the formal invitations 6 or 4 months before the wedding date.

Avoid holiday season as the prices will be more expensive, but keep in mind the rainy season or bad weather depending on your destination. If you are able to organize your wedding a couple of weeks after the high season you would still be able to enjoy nice weather, saving some money and enjoy a more peaceful environment.

Some extra expenses that you may need to consider in a destination wedding would be welcome gifts for the guests, additional activities such as local tourist attractions or a brunch for the day after the wedding, and travel costs for you and maybe your parents, including the whole trip, not just the big day.

Wedding planner, get help

If you choose to have your wedding on a resort, most of them include different packages suitable for different couples, but it will still be helpful to hire a local wedding planner. A wedding planner will provide you with the help you need, especially if you are not able to go to the location of the wedding to prepare everything. Would be helpful to plan the ceremony and make things distinctive, but as well for the time of the arrival, receiving the guests at the airport, organizing activities for everyone, or solving your special request such a wheelchair for your grandparents, or a babysitter to take care of your nephews.

Wedding dress

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When choosing the wedding dress, think about the climate and weather on the destination. Choose fabric that will allow you both to stay comfortable during the ceremony. If you are going somewhere tropical and warm, you may want to avoid corseting or heavy suits.

Surround yourself with loved ones

One of the good things of a destination wedding is that a lot of your non close friends will not attend, as even invited, they will be expected to pay their own travel and accommodation, and will not attend, what will create an intimate wedding with family and closer friends and will save you some money. That's why you may consider to do a second reception at home. It can be as casual or formal as you like, it can be in a local restaurant, or in your backyard serving some wine. That will allow your co-workers, friends and relatives to enjoy your celebration as well.