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The wedding day goes so fast that sometimes the couple is not able to enjoy themselves and take all the pictures they dreamed of, but someone came up with this fabulous idea, that will let you have an intimate instant during one of the most emotional moments of the day.


The first look is something to forget superstitions and traditions. It allows the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, with the bride already dressed in white.

This photoshoot is done on the big day, but before the ceremony begins. This session is for the photographer and the future spouses, with time to look at each other, change positions, and get the best angle of the couple.



The same day of the wedding, when you both are dressed and makeup and hair is done. If the ceremony is hold during the evening, you will have plenty of time for a photoshoot, you can even include a session having a romantic picnic.

On the other hand, if the wedding is starting at noon or earlier, you will have to plan a specific time to enjoy the experience and some minutes of relax.

Talk to your photographer, to agree with him the length of the session, and journeys to both the place where you want to have the photoshoot, and to the place where you hold the ceremony. Don’t forget to add some extra time to give a final touch to your look before the wedding in case some tears appear.

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Meet with your couple and the photographer in a nice place that you both have chosen as the setting of this magic moment. The groom could use a blindfold, or you both could be backwards, or just waiting the bride walking towards him.

The moment you see each other in your wedding outfits will be very special. No need to repress your emotions, you can laugh, jump, cry, you can just do whatever you feel in that moment.

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  • You and your couple will share intimately a high emotional moment and will have pictures to remember it for the rest of your life.
  • The photographs will be spectacular as the bride and groom just finished their look, getting ready for the ceremony. And if the excitements bring tears to your eyes, you will have time to fix your makeup before the ceremony.
  • You will not have dozens of eyes on you during the photoshoot, what will allow you to move naturally during the session and to express your love and feelings freely.
  • After the first look, the couple arrive at the altar feeling more calm and confident. Some people are really nervous on their big day, seeing each other in advance will make you enjoy more the moment of saying the vows and join yourself in true love.
  • As you will already have the first look photo shoot, the other photoshoot of the first pictures as a married couple, may be shorter, allowing you to enjoy more time of the banquet and the celebration, sharing more time with friends and family.
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There are some disadvantages:

  • Adding another photoshoot, will mean adding additional cost to the photographer.
  • If your family is very traditional, they may try to convince to avoid seeing each other before the ceremony, and it brings bad luck. But the final decision is only yours.