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You will take the bouquet just before going down the aisle, is the final detail to add, and once you have it in your hands, you know that in only a few minutes, you and your groom will finally be married. Holding it is not difficult, but there are some advices that we can give you to make sure it looks elegant and beautiful.

Left or right?

This will only matter on your position at the altar and if you are going to walk down the aisle alone or escorted. When walking down the aisle, you will carry the bouquet on the opposite side of your father or the person escorting you.

At the altar, you can hold again the bouquet with both hands. If you have a long bouquet and you are carrying it on the side, make sure you hold it facing the guests when you are saying your vows.

White Crescent Photography

The ideal height

This will vary depending on the size and style of the bouquet, but normally should at the level of your belly button, otherwise you will look uncomfortable carrying it. Make sure your arms create a gentle angle and don’t pull it to close to your dress to avoid creating lines in your silhouette.

Choose as well one bouquet that is in proportion with your size and height, by example, if you are petite, you should avoid choosing a large cascading bouquet.

Firm and delicate

You definitely have to hold your bouquet firm and tight, but your moves should be delicate and elegant, to avoid look rigid. The bouquet is supposed to account your look and make you look elegant, so relax your arms and take a deep breath, it will help you in having a natural posture.

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The shape matters

For tall bouquets and some single stem ones, you would want your bouquet to sit on your arm with the blossoms facing your guests. If you have chosen a cascading bouquet, make sure you hold it tight and close, so flowers are always visible.

When you should carry your bouquet

This is only up to you, but normally, you should hold your bouquet during the ceremony, the pictures, the entrance to the banquet, and during the toast. If you are thinking where are you supposed to put your bouquet during the reception, you can leave it on a vase on your side, and choose when to throw it to your guests, or give it to someone special if you prefer.

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The most important thing when carrying the bouquet is to feel confident and comfortable. Choose a bouquet that you like, which matches your personality, or has your favorite flowers or colours. Remember that wild plants and fruits are a trend this season in bridal bouquets.

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