After so much time together, the moment has come. You're getting married! And after the great news, you find yourself in a whirlpool of pending preparations necessary to have the wedding you've always dreamed of.



The first step, without a doubt, is to choose a wedding date.  There are so many vaiables that will actually help you pick a date: a meaningful date, the date the church you love is available, a date that coincides with your holidays, a date in the low season... What a mess!  Relax, prepare a cup of coffee or strong tea and carefully read our suggestions.

  • A meaningful date. Many couples have a date in mind that means something special to them: the day they met, the day they first kissed, started dating, etc.  If you are lucky enough for this date to fall on the weekend...congratulations! You have a wedding date.
  • When the church is available, or the restaurant.  There are many couples who know from the very first moment where they want to celebrate their ceremony or reception.  If you want a very sought-after venue, it is best to go visit it and see what dates are available.
  • Low season: If you don't have a large budget the best option is to get married in the low season. The estates, caterers, restaurants etc have good offers for couples who want to marry outside of the high season.  It is also cheaper to marry on a Friday or Sunday.
  • Long holidays.  Some couples prefer to celebrate their wedding two weeks before their holidays.  That way they have 15 days for their honeymoon.  A good way to start the marriage together is to have a nice long holiday.