Monica Lorraine

Monica Lorraine

Crafty and creative at heart, one of my biggest passions is writing. Discovering new DIY projects and uncovering the most current trends and ideas in the world of weddings is something that really interests me. I regularly host dinners at my place and enjoy decorating and preparing every detail down to a special playlist just for that night and if it's a big... group I will make place cards you can take home. I am a list maker, always filling paper with ideas. I am half Honduran, half American, and lived over 12 years in Germany and Spain. I have an international point of view that will hopefully inspire you. View more

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Wedding decoration Purple Wedding Flowers You’ll Fall in Love With

If you love the colour purple, you’re in good company. We love this regal colour for weddings, too! That’s why we're going to tell you about all the purple flowers you can choose from for your beautiful wedding.

Wedding favours 7 Decadent Chocolate Wedding Favours

Looking for wedding favours that everyone will love? Chocolate is always a crowd pleaser. Here are some decadent chocolate favour ideas.

The Bride 30 Flat Wedding Shoes That Won’t Kill Your Feet

Your wedding day will be a busy one! You’ll be on your feet a lot - walking down the aisle, mixing and mingling with guests, dancing, and more - and you're going to need the perfect pair of shoes to get you through all of it.

Beauty for brides 10 Tutorials for Easy Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re a DIY bride or simply want to do your own hair on your wedding day, these tutorials for easy wedding hairstyles will help you create a professional looking bridal hairstyle in a few easy steps.

Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception Wedding Cake Prices: What to Expect

Before you start planning your wedding it’s a good idea to plan out your budget. This way you can predict your costs and avoid unwanted surprises. Here’s a breakdown of the price of a wedding cake.

The wedding guests 25 Stunning Silver Bridesmaid Dresses

Metallics are a big wedding trend we are loving and silver bridesmaid dresses are no exception. Check out our picks for the most beautiful and stylish silver bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding invitations 5 Personalised Wedding Invitations That Truly Impress

Wedding invitations have changed a lot in recent years and have become a bigger priority for many couples. Here are a few tips to make them extra special.

Planning your wedding 60 Unique Wedding Ideas Worth Stealing

It's not easy to come up with new wedding ideas, but we've done some brainstorming and searching to find these 60 unique ideas to steal for your wedding.

Wedding decoration 10 Wedding Centerpieces That Will Impress Your Guests

Creating your centrepieces is one of the fun parts of wedding planning. Here’s how to get the job done right.

Wedding decoration Your Dream Bouquet is Here: 20 Vintage Wedding Flowers

Vintage themed weddings are a huge wedding trend we can't resist. And once you've seen these vintage wedding bouquets and flowers you'll see why we're all so obsessed.

Beauty for brides Top 50 Simple Wedding Hairstyles

If you are on the look out for a wedding hairstyle that’s simple yet stunning for your wedding, we bet you’ll find what you’re looking for among these top 50 simple wedding hairstyles.

The Groom 5 Steps to Picking the Right Men’s Wedding Shoes

Alright, grooms! It’s time to get suited and booted for your big day. If you haven’t chosen your shoes or if you are in doubt, then here are some tips.

Wedding traditions and superstitions 4 Steps to the Perfect Groom Speech

It’s customary for the groom to give a speech during the reception to welcome and thank all the guests and say some kind words about his new wife and family. If you’re not sure how to start writing your speech, take note of these expert tips.

Wedding invitations 30 Impressive Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Surprise your guests when they receive their delicate and one-of-a-kind laser cut wedding invitations. We’re going to show you some of our favourite styles and guide you through them.

The Bride 30 Fabulous Gold Wedding Shoes

If gold is your metallic of choice you’ll fall in love with these gold wedding shoes. We’ve got styles for every type of bride.

Planning your wedding Etiquette for Hosting (or Not Hosting) Children at Your Wedding

Although weddings are traditionally an all-inclusive, all-ages event, some people choose to exclude children from the ceremony or reception. Let’s take a look at how to deal with these issues politely.

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