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We believe there will be less disappointments during the marriage if every bride will take this test, Not just because you want to know if you have the perfect husband, but also because the sooner that you know your weaknesses as a married couple, the easier will be to solve them.

1. Does he supports your decisions?

a) Yes, unconditionally.
b) Almost always, but we disagree every now and then.
c) No, he remains neutral.
d) No, he often expresses his differences.

2. Does he know how to listen, is he understanding?

a) Being understanding is not one of his virtues, however, he remains supportive with me and my problems, which is the most important.
b) Shows interest, try to listen and understand me.
c) Yes, he also gives me good advices
d) No, but it doesn’t matter, I already have my friends for that.

3. Is he thoughtful and considerate?

a) He cares about me, but he has problems expressing it.
b) He is lovely, he surprises me with his details.
c) Sometimes he is, sometimes he is not, but he looks after me, and he could be sweet as nobody.
d) Yes he is, he doesn’t buy me presents often but he tries to surprise me sometimes. He is thoughtful, what is the most important thing.

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4. Is he a mummy’s boy?

a) I like his mother, but he should rely less on her. I hope that will change with the time.
b) They are really close and he calls her every day. I am also calling my mother daily, so no problem.
c) I think that her mother is at our place too often, besides calling a few times per day, she also shows up at home without letting us know.
d) Not at all. He loves his mother but he is very independent and knows how to keep his life separate when needed.

5. Is family a priority for him?

a) We have spoken about starting our own family soon and that makes me happy, however, he doesn’t always express it.
b) It is and that makes me happy! If there is a man to build a family with, it's him.
c) He avoids family moments, but he is very affectionate when they happen. Family is important but I wouldn't say that is a priority.
d) No, he hates Christmas and avoids any family meeting. But I think that it will be different once we have our own family.

6. Does he get along with your family?

a) He has practically being adopted by my family since they meet him. He adore my parents.
b) He avoids moments with my family, but I hope that will change with the time.
c) He doesn’t feel too comfortable with my family, but he makes an effort for me.
d) He gets along with every member of my family but he doesn’t have a close relationship with them. For me is enough.

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7. Did he adapted well to your friend's group?

a) Yes, we have friends in common and we can enjoy our social life together.
b) He integrated with them pretty well even that he didn’t know them before.
c) He already has his own group of friends, but he is able to come along and be with my friends for occasional meetings.
d) No, we both have our own friends, and we don’t do anything together involving them.

8. Do you have fun together?

a) I love it! We have so much fun together.
b) He is not a really funny person, but that is how I met him, and I love him like this.
c) He always tries to make me laugh, he is the cutest.
d) Not everything in life is to have fun. My boyfriend has a fine sense of humour, but he is usually serious and that’s what I like about him.

9. Do you balance each other out?

a) Most of the time. We are very similar. We have some discussions but we always solve the problem.
b) Yes. I feel a lucky woman. I look around and I see that most of the couples don’t have this connection that we have. We’re never upset!
c) There is no perfect match. We balance each other out, but some fights can affect us, even that we always forgive each other.
d) We love to make our points in discussions are on the agenda. I hope to don’t get tired.



Check the score below and discover now if your fiancee will be a good husband

1. a) 4 - b) 3 - c) 2 - d) 1
2. a) 2 - b) 3 - c) 4 - d) 1
3. a) 1 - b) 4 - c) 2 - d) 3
4. a) 2 - b) 3 - c) 1 - d) 4
5. a) 2 - b) 4 - c) 3 - d) 1
6. a) 4 - b) 1 - c) 2 - d) 3
7. a) 4 - b) 3 - c) 2 - d) 1
8. a) 3 - b) 1 - c) 4 - d) 2
9. a) 3 - b) 4 - c) 2 - d) 1

9-15 points: Be patient!

He definitely loves you, and that is the important thing, but it is not the only base for a long relationship. We know that your partner will end up being a great husband, but you both will need some work and time in order for him to become a good marriage. Encourage him! Be patient, understanding and caring for each other, those are the main things that should never lack in your relationship.

15-21 points: That's how he is, that’s how you love him

You are in love, no doubt about it. There are things that he could do to improve, but you love him and accept him as he is. Although, he may not be too mature in some aspects, doesn’t mean he is not ready for marriage! He will be more mature during the marriage, and you will see how he changes those details that sometimes bothers you, and that should mean a lot. You accepting your partner means that those things that bothers you are not that important. Remind him those little details if you think that there is something important that he needs to change soon.

21 to 30 points: Perfect partner

Your fiancee will be a perfect husband. True, you may still want to kill him sometimes but who doesn’t have discussions every once in a while? Your relation is ready to take the big step and start a fresh marriage. Keep resolving your discussions, communication is key. Eventually, you will not have almost discussions!

+30 Points: The ideal husband for anyone!

He is not your perfect husband, but the perfect husband for anyone! It is pretty obvious, your relationship is mature and based on trust and love. You can’t ask for more! You are a lucky woman of having such a man next to you (and he is lucky to have you!)
Congratulations! Enjoy your marriage full of happiness and love!

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