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If you want to keep your marriage alive you have to work on it! Grow both together, as individuals and as a couple. Is not always easy, but is always worth to fight for! You can start following this 8 Golden Rules that apply to every marriage:

1. Listen to your partner

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It does not matter if you are having an important conversation or if she/he is telling about his/her day. Make your loved one feel you are listening and try to empathize with the him/her

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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If you had a bad day at work, if you are feeling emotionally low, or got doubts about making the right choice when facing a problem, talk with your spouse. You are a marriage now, what means you have each other’s back. Let your spouse help you and comfort you. Problems will not seem so big if you both are dealing with it.

3. Be polite

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Treat your spouse always with love, don’t let a discussion get between you two. Don’t offend your partner in public, and even when you are angry, try not to be impolite or sarcastic.

4. Appreciate your spouse and the things she/he does for you

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Consistently verbalize to your spouse the things you love and appreciate about him or her as well as the things your partner does for you: “I appreciate your coming today”, “thanks for making the laundry”, “thank you for listening” ...

5. Accept that everyone needs time alone

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Everyone needs time for themselves. There is nothing wrong to spend some hours alone, or with a friend, respect that time, as well as your spouse’s privacy.

6. Never go to bed angry

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It is normal to have discussions, but don’t let that ruin the night or the next days. Agree to disagree for now, you can finish the conversation the next day.

7. Start your day with kiss or a hug

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Keep the romance alive by greet each other with a kiss, and do the same before going to sleep. Stop looking at your smartphone, and pay attention to your spouse.

8. Don’t forget to say "I love you"!

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Do you have any other secret Golden Rule in your marriage?

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