The wedding ceremony

Here you'll find everything you need to plan your wedding ceremony. Whether you marry in the church or opt for a civil ceremony, we've got endless inspiration to personalise the most special moment of your wedding: decoration, music, readings, toasts...

Wedding etiquette

10 lovely alternatives to the traditional ring bearer pillow

Traditionally women in the family would make the ring bearer pillow for the wedding, but times have changed. We're going to show you some lovely alternatives.

Civil weddings

5 unique wedding celebrant ideas for your wedding

There are a growing number of couples getting married with completely bespoke wedding ceremonies. If following protocol and tradition isn't your idea of a dream wedding ceremony, then we have some fun ideas for you.

Places to celebrate your wedding

Destination wedding

If you are dreaming with a romantic wedding on a beach, surrounded by only your closest friend and family while having a reception at sunset, then a destination wedding is perfect for you

Wedding etiquette

Correct order of a Wedding Processional

Will you have a Christian wedding? still got etiquette doubts? Let us guide you through the steps of your Wedding Processional.

Wedding etiquette

How to choose the bridesmaids

Choosing your bridesmaids is not a task that you can take lightly. The bridesmaids play a very important role on the day of your wedding, so today we are giving you the keys so that you can make the best choice.

Civil weddings

Giving Notice

As well as the fun and exciting parts of preparing for a wedding like decoration and clothes, there is the mundane and sometimes confusing paperwork side of things. Here we look at giving notice, what it is and how to do it.

Wedding etiquette

Getting Married with Children

Children can make or break weddings, but if you have children of your own there will be no question as to whether to have them there or not, in fact they will be some of the main protagonists. Read on for some good advice to keep it all sweet.

Civil weddings

Music for Your Civil Ceremony

So you've decided on a civil ceremony, but it doesn't mean the romance is lacking. Music is key in setting the atmosphere of your occasion, but there may be constraints in a public space. Let's find out.

Places to celebrate your wedding

A Castle Wedding

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, a handsome prince and an enchanting castle... you have only got one thing missing from this happy ending, go on, make your dream come true!

Places to celebrate your wedding

Tips on Choosing the Location of your Wedding

The place you choose to celebrate your wedding is of utmost importance and plays a key part I the overall experience of the day. Here we have some tips on choosing well.

Wedding etiquette

Original Wedding Vows

The most emotional part of any wedding is when the bride and groom exchange vows. Some opt for the classic “I do”, but others prefer to personalise them. For this reason we have come up with a list of original ideas for your vows.

Civil weddings

Three Types of Non-Religious Marriage Ceremonies

Most couples still choose to have religious wedding ceremonies, but more and more are opting for non-religious ceremonies and there are three main types if you are considering a civil ceremony.

A religious wedding

Jewish Weddings

There are different rites according to our beliefs to celebrate marriage. Some are more familiar to us than others but all have their customs and charm. On this occasion we will tell you how weddings are celebrated according to the Jewish rite.

Wedding etiquette

Choosing your Witnesses

Choosing witnesses for your wedding seems like a difficult task, but it is not! You need to take a lot of things into consideration, especially taking care to ensure that nobody feels rejected for having not been chosen.

Wedding etiquette

Wedding Ceremony Programmes

The wedding ceremony programme is a guide that will inform your guests on how the wedding is to be performed. It contains no religious references and is therefore perfect for civil ceremonies. If you are thinking of preparing your own, then take note...

Wedding etiquette

Symbolic Weddings - The Mayan Ritual

Before we talked about symbolic weddings and we provided the Mayan Ritual as an example. Seeing as this ceremony has created a lot of interest among many of you, we have decided to give it some more attention.