When looking at the calendar and picking a wedding date, you realise that the choices are endless.  Indeed, there are many weekends to choose from, but many young couples are faced with a real headache when the date of their dreams (the first day they met, their anniversairy etc) is unavailable, for any list of reasons.

In addition to this practical criteria, we must remember that many of you are superstitious about certain dates that are bad luck and it is thus better to avoid them.

  • Friday 13: This date is synonymous with bad omens around the world.  Originally it was a biblical superstition that forbade you from getting married in church on this date.  Some of your guests might tell you not to worry, but there might be talk about it at your wedding.



  • Time change: Daylight savings is not a good time to get married.  It isn't bad luck, but there may many late guests as a result of forgetting to change the clocks.  This can be avoided by selecting another date.
  • April Fools: April 1st is a day for jokes and jests, so make sure that your guests behave on this day!



  • Holiday: Major holidays, such as Christmas, New Years, Hawnika, Ramadan (30 days long!), etc are bad wedding dates, so make sure you ocheck which holidays your guests observe and when they are more likely to be available to attend your wedding.
  • Sporting Events: Imagine if your wedding happened to fall on one of the World Cup finals and everyone wanted to go see the game?  A major sporting event could distract all the attention from your wedding and if your team were to lose, it might even bring the mood down at your wedding.