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Discover the newest collections of gorgeous bridal dresses, the latest trends in groom suits and dresses for the mother of the bride and matron of honour. With our best tips and tricks, you'll be the most radiant bride. Find the finishing touches: shoes, lingerie, accessories...

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Rosa Clará 2018: Boho Chic Wedding dresses are in!

The new collection of Rosa Clará surprised us all with their new boho bridal looks. The dresses featured vintage and lightweight materials as well as transparent fabrics that give the bride a sexy silhouette.

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5 people you shouldn't bring to your dress fitting

Picking your wedding dress is a big deal. You might want everyone's opinion or you might want to keep it a secret until the grand reveal on your big day. Some people, however probably shouldn't see your dress before the big day and we're going to tel...

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20 dresses for the most sexy brides of 2017

2017 comes with some trends that you will love. We review some examples that are perfect for those modern brides that are ready to be glamorously sexy.

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How to carry the bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet will accent the beauty of the bride, but carrying the bouquet wrong would steal points from achieving the perfect look. This article is for those brides that want to start practising on the right way to hold and carry the bouquet.

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Wedding heels trends for 2016

Shoes are the perfect complement to say ‘Yes, I do’, but which heels should you choose? You may want a pair of stilettos to feel like a princess, or some comfy pumps to dance the night away, either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these!

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Groom style trends for 2016

With the summer being closer, we are excited watching the new tendencies in groomswear for 2016. Combine some of this new trends to match a breathtaking bride, with a spectacular groom.

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Bridal Trends for 2016 (Part II)

Are you interested in the trends the designers have proposed for 2016? We may have a few suggestions for you.

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Bridal Trends for 2016 (Part I)

Do you want to know which are the biggest bridal trends for 2016? Designers are breaking through the conventional mold with their ideas for this season.

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4 things to remember once you have your wedding dress

You have found the dress! But once you have the wedding gown of your dreams, there are some things you must really keep in mind.

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Useful dress code advice for wedding guests

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and felt absolutely lost when deciding what to wear? Here are some guidelines you may want to follow.

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Bridal fashion - A glossary of terms

On your big day, you must make sure that you are absolutely happy with your wedding dress. To help you choose among the many choices offered today, use this guide while you are looking for ‘the one’ to help you find the ideal gown for you.

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Trends for wedding hair in 2014

If you've already found your wedding dress, the next step is deciding on your hairstyle for your big day. And to ease this decision, we've decided to share with you this year's biggest trends.

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Preserving the Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day and unfortunately for those who chose fresh flowers, it's also the most perishable aspect. If you want to keep it forever and ever, here is how!

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Dresses for Civil Ceremonies

Civil weddings are not the same as religious ones and each has its ideal wedding dress style. If you are having a civil ceremony and have still not chosen your wedding dress or have doubts, then here are a few ideas.

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Famous Brides and How to Emulate Them

While it can be fun to personalise your look, celebrities and famous icons are always a great source of inspiration. Read on for some classic, and not so classic, wedding fashions a-la-star!

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Wedding Dresses by Aire Barcelona 2012

Aire Barcelona, from the low-cost Rosa Clara Group, has launched their new collection of wedding dresses for 2012. Bringing you designs for feminine women who want to feel sexy and look beautiful with the utmost elegance.