In the article, Classic Wedding Invitations, we saw some traditional wedding invitations. But over the years, weddings have changed, and so have the invitations.



Details such as the name of the couple and the place and time of the ceremony and reception etc, still feature in every invitation. However, more and more couples are abandoning strict etiquette and what they write in the invites is personalised and original, which is after all, what all couples want for their wedding.

Today we'll give you some examples:

There may be a better day than XX....
There may be a more suitable month than XXXX....
But... is there a more important day than your wedding day?
Could there be anyone more special to share it with than you?

Parallel lives, similar ages and interests, and then bang....
Cupid strikes!
Don't miss the date of XX of XXX at XXXo'clock in the morning/afternoon in XXXX,
where we will tie the knot.

Our destiny was written,
it couldn't have gone any other way...
We hope to see you on the XXXXX at XXXXo'clock in XXXX
Afterwards, the reception will be held at XXXX


- (name of the bride), Will you marry me?
- Of course, yessss, (name of the groom) When!?
- What do you think of the XX of XXXX?. I had thought we could meet our family and friends at XXXXX
at XXXX o'clock. And afterwards we'll celebrate together at XXXX.
- Great! Well now all we have to do is wait for our family and friends to confirm.

Yes we know "You're crazy",
"It won't last", "you won't grow old together"... etc.
After all your enthusiasm...
We're getting married!
Next XXXXX on the  XXXXX                    
at XXX o'clock
  And as soon as we are married, we'll celebrate all together at