Your wedding step by step

We'll guide you throughout the wedding planning process and turn it into a bed of roses. Shall we start?

You will know when and how to do each thing, no surprises

We provide you a complete to-do list for planning your wedding that shouldn't be neglected. In this way, when the big day comes, everything will be done!

Personalise and create your tasks

Create, modify and remove any task that you wish from your list. You can add as many as you like, but don't forget to check them off when they're done!

Follow your progress

Check the progress bar to see how your wedding organisation is coming along and keep it in mind to plan the upcoming tasks.

Everything in one spot

Link the To-Do List to your Budget Planner and your providers. You'll have everything in your agenda and set alerts so you don't forget anything.

Your To-Do List always with you

Forget paper and pencil! Download the app and always carry the agenda with you so that way you are always able to control everything you've done, everything you need to do and anything new to add.